Extrusion Press
This unit is able to extrude 6 to 10 inches aluminum billets. All aluminum alloys from 1000 to 7000 group in open and closed section by a 1800 and a 2000 tons press machines. For more technical and surface quality of the products, the extrusion press machines are equipped with .... more details
After cutting and stretching operations , the manufacturing profiles will be placed in special baskets and put into hot blast furnace for heating operation. The dissolving heating operation takes place by the most updated hot blast processes and separates the produced gases fro .... more details
Plating Unit
As per customer demand , the manufactured profiles now will be anodized in plating unit. The plating unit is equipped with a 10000 amps rectifier , 4000 amps transformer (mode in Germany) and reverse water purification system with 60 tons chillers using Germany made plating m .... more details
Powder Coating
The parts will be degreased and chromized in 8 meters tups before opening to electrostatic painting process. Our electrostatic painting line is equipped with a conveyor , a cab and a cyclone with 6 robotic sprayers and a 3×22 meters furnace. All kinds of aluminum sections wi .... more details
Using an automatic polishing machine(made in Italy)and based on customers demand, this unit is able to polish different kinds of double thermal bricks and pipe up to 8 meters. .... more details
Quality control
For manufacturing the most quality products for consuming market. All producing process are under the control of our QC unit. .... more details
Using automatic packing machines and for keeping the final product quality , our packaging unit controls all packaging process carefully. .... more details
Planning unit
Making use of the most updated softwares and skilled engineers, our planning department is able to fulfill planning processed and orders in a short period of time and with the most care for manufacturing extrusion press initial casts. .... more details
Casting unit
Different kinds of special casts are manufactured in this unit based on international standards and using electronic and mechanical machinery. For increasing the working period and strength and when the casts passed the quality control, they will be plated. This unit is equipped .... more details